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SEO + Social Media Management For Marijuana Businesses

Note: This package includes everything on our Google Maps for cannabis businesses page as well as everything from our local SEO for marijuana companies page The social media management portion of this package will be described here.

Social Media: What Is It & Why You Need To Leverage It

Marijuana Marketing On Facebook

Marketing cannabis on Facebook is notoriously difficult. If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already experienced the joy of having Facebook randomly delete your page or bulk deny all your ads, then threaten to cancel your ad account. For a progressive company, their stance on marijuana is pretty regressive.

A lot of people just give up on using Facebook at all in their cannabis marketing goals but that’s silly, as it’s the 3rd busiest site on the web and a LOT of it’s users love the herb. At MediaKush, we’ve figured out multiple workarounds to get your cannabusiness the exposure it needs on this crucial marketing vertical.

Instagram Marketing – Not Just Dank Flower Pics

Look, we get it. Everyone has an Instagram account on their phone, everyone can take photos of their dank products and interiors of their stores and get some likes and followers. But does that equal getting more calls and more wallets in the store? Not usually, and not repeatable. MediaKush helps you target local Instagram users so when you’re posting specials and deals, you’re hitting people who can literally show up and buy…TODAY!

We won’t bore you with the techy details but suffice to say, our cutting edge Instagram scrapers, software and years of experience will help separate your cannabis business from the rest of the schwag out there.

Twitter – Massive Reach & Exposure

Twitter might not be as big as Facebook but they’re much more cannabis friendly and the setup of the system that allows anyone to follow anyone plus the brevity of 140 character limit messages combine to create an environment where you can connect with your current and future customers in ways the other social networks can’t match. The short format also lends itself to more frequent posts, allowing you to put your brand in front of your market multiple times every day. Gold for the green rush.

Again, like with Instagram, we use a combination of cutting edge custom tools and experience to build you an audience of people that can walk in the door and buy products today, not useless fluffy big numbers of people that will never pad your wallet. You want buyers and at MediaKush, we’re ready to provide them.

Pinterest – Connoisseurs

Pinterest isn’t just for landscaping photos and pallet furniture plans. The cannabis scene on Pinterest is thriving and as one of the 50 most trafficked sites online, you want your cannabusiness right at the heart of the Pinterest ganja jungle. From products to how to guides to pretty flower pictures, there’s something for everyone on Pinterest…and a specific market your competition isn’t connecting with.

Pinterest users are different than Facebook or Twitter users, they’re visually compelled and quite handy and they enjoy the simplicity of the platform. And they buy. Boy, do they ever buy. Running any kind of ecomm business without leveraging Pinterest is foolish, and it’s a great avenue for increasing local reach your fellow brick and mortar dispensaries are ignoring. Let us show you how!


Let’s Get Social – Engage Your Audience, Find Your Customers

The rise in popularity in Social Media is the single biggest game changer in commerce in this generation and MediaKush is ready to help put your cannabusiness at the leading edge. The four sites we’ve mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg, there’s plenty more where that came from…heard of a video sharing site called Youtube? It’s only the second busiest site on the Internet! Yes, MediaKush can handle all your video marketing needs as well. Give us a call and learn more today.

Other Social Media sites with developed cannabis communities we help you leverage into more sales:

  • Google+
  • LinkedIN
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Quora
  • Yahoo
  • Live

There’s really no limit to the amount of exposure you can get when properly marketing on Social Media and MediaKush is excited to partner with you in these spaces. Our vast experience and cutting edge strategies will help you skip the learning curve and get right into the business of acquiring more customers and selling more product. What are you waiting for?



What Now?

By now you should understand a little more about how much raw traffic these social sites have and how we turn them into repeat customers of yours.

If you have questions, please use the contact form on our contact us page or call us toll free at 1-855-423-KUSH during business hours  (9am-5pm PST).

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