Local SEO For Marijuana & Cannabis Businesses

Get Your Cannabis Business Ranked On Google

What Is Local SEO?

Note: This package includes everything on our Google Maps for cannabis businesses page as well as the following.

local-seo-cannabis-marijuanaLocal SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website to show up in the Google organic listings either below the Google maps listings or at the top of pages that don’t trigger a Google map box. Since many of the marijuana terms your prospective cannabis customers are searching for don’t trigger the map box, having good organic rankings is key to scaling traffic, leads and ultimately your business.

This search engine optimization process considers two factors: what is on your site as well as what links to your site (and most importantly how they link to your site). Both factors are equally important in achieving top ranks for local searches and if you’re considering this package, then you will have already read about our Google maps SEO process. Everything we build there is designed to be the backbone for expanding our reach into the Google organic listings.

Keyword & Market Research

Every good marketing campaign begins with determining what the actual market is. With regards to Internet search marketing (which both Google SEO and Google maps Seo fall under), we determine market size, viability, and intent by analyzing data compiled from terms people search for. Once we have compiled all the search data for your industry and location, we can start sorting it into priorities based on search volume and user intent.

A lot of companies focus only on volume and ignore intent but this is a mistake. 50 people per month looking to buy edibles or a new glass piece are much more valuable than 500 people per month just looking for information on them. At MediaKush, our years of experience is in the trench Internet marketers allows you to avoid this common mis-step and focus on keywords that will turn into leads, customers, and repeat buyers.

When this step is completed, we will have a complete breakdown of your market which best allows us to penetrate and disrupt it as quickly as possible.



On Site Optimization

On-site optimization basically refers to how Google interprets the actual source code and content of your site’s pages. Google keeps the details of its algorithm very tightly guarded so nobody knows exactly what percentage on-site optimization holds in achieving top ranks but you can think of your site as a bucket.

If that bucket is full of cracks and holes, it won’t hold water (incoming link juice) very well. But if that bucket is rock solid, nothing leaks out. Link acquisition can be both expensive and time-consuming so we want to make sure that our bucket properly holds all the incoming link juice.

The basics of on-site optimization don’t change a whole lot as long as you stick to the Google Webmaster guidelines. Manipulative SEO’s over time have always found loopholes to trick the algorithm but they rarely last and the resulting penalties they occur are not worth any time saved.

At the end of the day, focusing on creating good content with proper usage of title tag and meta-descriptions as well as header tags and interlinking while ensuring that your site isn’t experiencing any code bloat or improper DOM structure goes a long way towards achieving our goals of ranking highly for a long time.


Content Generation

Content generation doesn’t sound like a sexy solution but it’s pretty important when you consider that Google will only rank a page for what is on that page. If you want to rank for say “Eugene glass pipes”, then it’s necessary to have pages that discuss glass pipes in Eugene.

It used to be as simple as creating a page per keyword and calling it good but Google decided that sites full of low quality duplicate content should be penalized (see Panda update) so now the name of the game is to create engaging content the just so happens to cover your focus keywords.

When you subscribe to our local SEO package, we take the keyword market research in the previous steps and turn it into a content marketing system designed to allow you to dominate your niche. This is completely hands-off for you allowing you to continue to focus on running your business while we bring you a steady stream of new leads.


Link Acquisition

Links are the other main part of the SEO puzzle. Who links to your site and how they link to your site are probably the most important factors in achieving top ranks on Google. This is also the most dynamic part of SEO as Google is constantly moving the goal posts here to keep from having their algorithm manipulated.

The key focus here is a steady stream of high quality links from authoritative related sites. Gone are the days when you could just spam sites to the top of the Google results and enjoy easy rankings. Google has adapted to these tactics very well with the advent of the Penguin updates and going forward, Penguin will soon be a revolving update. While this is bad for link spammers, it’s fantastic for people looking to combine high quality links with their high-quality content.

At MediaKush, we test link/content combinations constantly and have no interest in giving our competition any relevant information on this topic but rest assured, our goal is to rank your site as quickly as possible while staying well within the “safe zones” of the Google Webmaster best practices.

Tying It All Together

You might have noticed as we’ve explained the process to you how one step leads to the next, like a series of dominoes. You can’t tip over the last domino with the first domino. It requires all of them in sequence to hit big goals such as achieving long-lasting top ranks on Google.

The local citations that are a key part of the Google maps SEO are also our baseline starting links for local SEO. The keyword driven content marketing system when combined with our syndication network builds upon those. Our relevant social networks built on high authority domains with excellent user engagement gets us one step closer to our goal.

For many markets, the above is enough. For the most competitive markets, it will take more firepower to accomplish. That’s fine, we have lots more rack comes from.


What Now?

By now you should be able to determine if ranking your site in the Google organic listings is valuable to your business or if you’d be better served just dominating the Google maps portion for your city. Hint: Most businesses never suffer from too many leads!

If you think your business only needs the Google maps service, then click here to order that package. If you’re ready to scale your business up by getting fresh leads from Google maps and local Google listings, just click the “Get Started” button below.

After you subscribe to our local SEO package we will contact you within 24 hours for the initial consultation where we learn about you and your business as well as get any necessary logins so we can proceed ranking your site at the top of Google maps as well as Google organic search results for your cannabis business in your city or location.

If you have questions, please use the contact form on our contact us page or call us toll free at 1-855-423-KUSH during business hours  (9am-5pm PST).