Burn Your Competition Down

You have an amazing Cannabis related product or service. We have the internet marketing skills to get you in front of the market that desperately wants to buy it. Cannabis is the hottest emerging industry in all of business right now. Let our team of experienced experts explode your sales and reach with modern marketing techniques that will leave your competition toasted.

The time is now to dominate the Cannabis industry, early adapters will have a competitive advantage for years. The choice is yours: Go it alone and hope you get it right or partner with the leading marijuana marketing firm specializing in design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, product development and fulfillment. Choose wisely, we’ll never see another business opportunity like this in our lifetimes.


SEO & PPC Management

Organic SEO and paid advertising are the heavyweights of online traffic generation. With over $30 million dollars of online sales generated, we’ve got the skills you need to succeed.


Branding & Identity

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Let us separate your cannabis product from the rest of the pack with our extensive branding experience.


Design & Ecommerce

Selling products and services online all starts with a great design. At MediaKush, we design beautifully selling ecommerce solutions.


Social Media Management

Properly leveraged, social media can launch your cannabis product to massive viral popularity. Let us use our experience to guide you to success.

How We Help You

The internet didn’t just change how businesses sell. It completely rewrote the rules of business. Properly implemented, a successful internet marketing campaign can put your product or service in front of buying eyeballs 24-7/365…even while you’re sleeping.

With over 16 years of experience totaling well over 100 million dollars in sales generated online, MediaKush is the right partner for your Cannabusiness. Others will talk the talk but when it comes to producing consistent successful results, the choice is clear… MediaKush.

Have a great idea for a cannabis or CBD product but don’t know how to get it created? We do…and we want to work with you.

Already have a product but don’t know how to produce sales, increase exposure and establish yourself as the authority in your space? That’s fine…again, that’s what we do and we’re ready to help today!

If the internet was the ocean that wiped out conventional advertising and sales channels, then social media is the moon controlling its tides.

A properly constructed social media campaign can put your products and services in touch with movers and shakers of your industry…and millions of fervent fans. Never has it been so easy to connect with your buyers while using the data you gain to exponentially increase your buying market.

  • Brand Consulting 100% 100%
  • Internet Marketing Campaigns 100% 100%
  • Custom Development & Design 100% 100%

How It Works

We Learn About You

As old school as this concept seems in this digital age, we have to learn about you and your product before we can best advise you on a path to follow. This can be an email, a phone call, a video conference, a fly in trip, whatever it takes.

We Analyze Your Market

Once we learn about you and your product or service, we can begin to analyze your market…who are your future customers? Who are your competitors? Where do they get traffic? How well does it work?

One we have your market data in hand, we can best determine the proper steps to disrupt it, injecting your presense right in the middle of solution hungry buying customers.

Market Penetration

Using the information acquired in the previous steps combined with years of internet marketing experience, we build a market penetration plan…and then implement it. Organic SEO + PPC + Ecommerce + Social Media traffic combines in a synergistic flow that leaves your competition stunned as you’ve just moved in for total market domination.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we know we’re the best at what we do and that working with MediaKush will be the best marketing partnership you could imagine, we understand you might have further questions.

Please use the form below to submit questions as well as look through some of the more commonly asked questions we’ve received.




Ask A question

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What kind of clients do you work with?

At MediaKush, we don’t discriminate. We’ve helped existing big budget corporate clients slide into the cannabis space. We’ve also partnered with fledgling startups who had great ideas without the resources to bring them to market.

What Are Your Rates?

Rates are on a per project basis but we basically act in one of two capacities on cannabis projects:

1) Projects that fits into our pre-packaged marketing plans. You can find those here.

2) Partnership projects. We realize that not every small company or startup can afford us. With that in mind, we often accept equity in companies in return for handling ALL marketing duties. Use the form to the left to see if you qualify.

How Long Does It Take?

How long is a piece of string? Most projects will begin to see significant results in 2-3 months, some will take longer. Ultimately it depends on your target market and your competition in that market.

Where Are You Located?

With offices in the northwestern United States as well as British Columbia, Canada, MediaKush is uniquely situated to help you dominate the entire North American cannabis markets.

Do You Take Pro Bono Clients?

No but we’ll often take on clients who can’t afford us in return for equity. Use the form to the left to initiate a discussion.

Do You Have References?

Absolutely. Many of our clients don’t wish to publicly acknowledge our role in growing their companies but we have received permission from many of them to disclose our participation privately. Inquire for more details.

Do You Have Discounts For Medical Marijuana?

Absolutely. We understand that many medical marijuana companies can’t legally give up equity in return for a marketing position. We also understand that cannabis is the greatest natural medicine the human race will ever encounter and that people deserve to live a life without pain. With that in mind, we happily discount our services to worthwhile medical marijuana companies making a difference in peoples lives.

How Can I Get Started?

Visit our Contact Us page for all contact information or use the form to the left to send us a quick question.

Let's Get Started

Reach out to us anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.